Sunday, August 5, 2012

I need a routine

If nothing else, I have learned a few things about myself this summer.  One of the biggest things I found out is that I NEED ROUTINE AND STRUCTURE!  And it's funny because I've always thought of myself as someone who didn't need it.

But I definitely do.

You see, during the school year I work all day, come home, make dinner and do homework with my son.  Afterwards, I watch a little television with my husband while JP showers or takes a bath.  We read a book and they both go to sleep around eight o'clock (my husband gets up super early for work).  Once both my boys are down for the night, I sit at the computer and write, write, write.  I go to sleep and begin all over again the following day.  It works.  I feel productive.

However, the only word I can use to describe myself during the summer is L.A.Z.Y.  I am a total mess!  We stay up late at night and sleep in late every morning.  I have not written the first word of a devotion ( to be published anyway, I have a couple saved on my computer) AND I have done absolutely NOTHING to either of my manuscripts.  Awful, I know.  I thought it would be nice to offer an explanation as to why this blog has been so pitiful.

Oh well, I guess that's how life goes, right?!  I made all sorts of plans for myself and set several writing goals.  Yet here I sit having done NOTHING.  But you know what?  I do not feel the least bit guilty about that.  Mainly because I have done the following:

  • Snuggled in the bed every morning with my son
  • Watched Disney movies and Nickelodeon
  • I've gone swimming almost every day with my son
  • I've gone out on several "date nights" with my husband
  • We've hiked/picnicked and gone to free movies
  • I've gone to the lake with friends more than once
  • I took my son to the beach for a week.
And the list goes on.  Thank God.  So while I have been less than productive as far a my writing career goes, if you were to ask my son, he would say that our summer has been a TOTAL success!

And in the end, that is all that matters.

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